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TV commercial (UPA, ca. 1954-‘55)

Designer: unidentified, but might be Chris Ishii

(Via Michael Sporn)

I Love Lucy (1952)
Designer: Gene Hazelton

It Never Rains Oil (1953, John Sutherland Productions)

Director: Arnold Gillespie

Designers: Gerald Nevius, Ed Starr

Flebus (1957, Terrytoons)

Director/designer: Ernie Pintoff

Sleeping Beauty (Disney, 1959)

Concept painting by Eyvind Earle

Walt Disney TV commercial (ca. 1955)

Character designer: Tom Oreb

Background designer: Victor Haboush

Concept painting by Mary Blair from Peter Pan (1953, Disney)

Symphony in Slang (1951, MGM)

Director: Tex Avery

Designer: Tom Oreb

Background painter: Johnny Johnson

90 Day Wondering (1956, Warner Bros.)

director: Chuck Jones

designer: Maurice Noble

Sailing and Village Band (1958, UPA)

director: Fred Crippen

designer: Jimmy Murakami

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